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About Me

Bonjour! My name is Alison and I am a French Tutor. I began tutoring in 2015 and over the years, I have developed such a joy in teaching and I thrive on seeing the progress of my students. I have created simple methods, tailored to each child or adult, whether it be for the fun of learning or to obtain good grades. As a native French speaker living in London I am confident and proficient in English and French. My online services can be flexible depending on your personal schedules. Feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute video chat or for a trial lesson. Merci!

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Lessons and Services

Every individual has different needs and circumstances, these of which I try to cater to. I provide group lessons, one-on-one lessons and crash course lessons before exams at all levels of Education.

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KS2 / KS3

A child has the ability to learn at a faster pace than an adult! I believe that by introducing the language at a younger age, allows them to have a head start amongst their peers and the opportunity to become more proficient earlier on. My Primary lessons are adapted to the age range of 6-13 years old teaching them vocabulary and sentence formation.

From £15 p/h


GCSE's are an important stage of a youth's academic life, helping them prepare for their future. I provide tutoring in the education bodies of Edexcel and AQA. I achieved an A* at GCSE thereby understand the pressure and combined confidence needed to achieve a good grade. I am willing and ready to support your child in order for them to reach their goal, whichever grade that may be.

From £25 p/h

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There is a significant jump going from GCSE's to A-Levels, however, with our personal, tailored tutoring service your adolescent will get the best support making that transition an easier one. Through our online sessions we will cover extensive vocabulary, grammar, listening skills and the ability to speak in a confident, colloquial manner.

From £30 p/h


Whether it is starting from a beginners level or intermediate, I am more than happy to tailor the lessons according to your style of learning. Our lessons can be merely based on conversation if you would like to improve your French speaking and listening skills or we can base the lessons on grammar and comprehension.

From £25 p/h

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Alison makes the lessons engaging and fun and tailors them to each learners specific needs and ability. My younger daughter enjoys the lessons so much she would like to do them more often and is making excellent progress.

Contact Me

For more information on my services and pricing, please feel free to get in touch!


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